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 turf seed available in bag or bulk

We have five mixes of turf seed designed for different seeding scenarios. From top of the line to a throw and grow. 1 lbs of seed covers 250 sq ft of bare dirt and 500 sq ft for over seeding.

LACROSSE PREMIUM is the top of the line all perennial grass seed with the most amount of bluegrass in all of our mixes. Offering the best disease resistance and winter hardiness that we can provide. This seed makes a nice thick lawn that has the best curb appeal. Best to be used in black dirt soils with 70% sunlight. 

50% Bluegrass four elite variety, 20% Fine Fescue, 30% Perennial Rye grass.

RUDY'S ATHLETIC MIX is a all perennial turf grass seed designed to look good but is tuff and durable. Best for high traffic areas were dogs or kids play. mainly used in black, sandy or clay soils. Also does best in full sunlight.

45% Bluegrass four elite variety, 20% Fine Fescue, 35% Perennial Rye grass.

RUDY'S SHADE MIX is a all perennial turf grass seed designed for the shady areas of the lawn that gets less then four hours of sun a day. A thin bladed grass that is very shade and drought tolerant.

60% Fine fescue, 20% Bluegrass, 20% Perennial Rye grass.

RUDY'S LOW GROW MIX (also called no mow) is a turf grass seed that is 100% fine fescue. It is designed for areas that are to steep to mow or campsites and cabins where mowing is not attainable due to distance. This grass is a thin and wispy grass that when it gets to a certain height will layover instead of growing continuously up. Will grow in very shady situations.

100% Fine Fescue.

RUDY'S HIGHWAY MIX (also called throw and grow) is a turf grass seed designed for hill sides water ways and ditches. This fast growing seed is mainly used for erosion control and hard to grow areas.

25% Tall Fescue,15% Fine Fescue, 25% Bluegrass, 25% Perennial Rye grass, 10% Annual Rye grass.

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