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       Rudy worked for the Holmen Agri-center for three years before it closed and In 1987, Rudy decided to purchase the mill. With the mill's current business being 90% farm driven sales and the other 10% consisting of birdseed, dog food and grass seed. Rudy soon realized if, he were to succeed, he would have to make a change. In the year 1997 he tore down the grain elevator and added a store front on to the warehouse section. With times changing, and Holmen rapidly becoming a suburb of Lacrosse, Rudy's store changed as well. He let the customers dictate his inventory and soon grew into what what you see today. With the largest selection of bird feeders in the area along with bulk wild bird and garden seed. Not to mention over 100 formulations of pet food. Rudy's also features a green house in the spring that has bedding plants and vegetables as well as fertilizers and wildlife food plot formulas. Rudy's has everything for everybody and we believe, is a unique part of Holmen.

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