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Feed your farm animals

We carry a variety of feed for large animals including Salt and Mineral blocks, llama chow, and goat chow. Oats, shell corn, and cracked corn available. Along with bedding materials such as straw bales and pine shavings.


Horse Feed  

  • Full Line of Triple Crown products

  • Purina Equine Senior

  • Purina Strategy

  • Prince maintenance Pellets

  • Alfalfa Pellets

  • Beet pulp

  • Oats

  • Progressive Nutrition Elite grass formula

  • Progressive Nutrition Omega

Chicken Feed 

  • Chicken starter

  • Pullet grower

  • Layer feed (crumbles or pellets)

  • Scratch Feed

  • Hen house Reserve

  • Organic chicken layer (with or without soy)

  • Re-cleaned cracked corn

  • Game bird grower (mini pellet)

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