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CRABGRASS PREVENTOR best applied in spring time when soil temperatures reach 50 degrees. This product also kills crabgrass up to the 3 leaf stage.

Analysis 22 - 0 - 4

LAWN FOOD for best results apply at least three times a year once in spring, once in summer and once in fall.

Analysis 26 - 0 - 4


Fast release fertilizers give you immediate benefits of the desired nutrients needed for soil amendment. Can be used on lawns ,gardens, and food plots. The analysis as follows is nitrogen - phosphate - potash. Available in 50 lbs bags.

10 - 10 - 10  garden fertilizer

19-19-19   generic garden and food plot fertilizer

22 - 0 - 10       lawns and garden and food plots

9 - 23 - 30     starter for lawns gardens and food plots

0 - 0 - 60        potash for lawns and gardens and food plots

46 - 0 - 0        urea for corn and or ice melt on side walks.

Milorganite is organic, high in iron giving your lawn a darker green look.

Pelletized lime helps neutralize acidic soils and greens up the lawn with its high content of calcium and magnesium.

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